Half the battle is getting there….

The other night I went to a local show by a Toronto sextet that I knew very little about. We nearly missed the show as neither myself, nor my partner in crime was particularly committed to the band. We arrived just before they began and within the first minutes of the song St. Francis, we looked at each other, and knew, it was one of those shows. They were good. Really good. The music was solid, the vocals were beautiful and the addition of the cello and violin was perfect. Beyond all that, they were just damn cute! The front lady of the band Ohbijou, Casey Mecija, is barely five feet but mysteriously manages to fill the entire stage. I certainly walked away with a little crush. Ohbijou has been garnering a lot of praise across Canada as it seems I am not alone in my opinon. They just finished up their Canadian tour tonight for their second album Beacons. The evening reminded me of the lovely feeling you get when you discover a new band, or see an unexpectedly delightful show.  So much of the music I love is tied up into who introduced me to them, where I saw them or where I was in my life when I heard it. I had listened to Ohbijou’s album briefly but didn’t fall in love until I heard them live and the moment was right. Half of the fun of music is the experience of it, and the rush of emotion it evokes and this band is well worth discovering.

Black Ice

Check out their Website

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3 Responses to Ohbijou

  1. stephs2 says:

    is the discovery as swell as the gin and beer discovery?

  2. Shaun says:

    Now I wish i had enough energy and wasn’t working so I could have seen the show.

  3. Kris says:

    I wish I was awake to see this show. I wanted to see them but I would have fallen asleep no matter how good they were. Next time!

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