Chase the Tear… CHASE IT!!!

Oh Happy Day! Yes, another band has released a single for charity, one of my favourites, Portishead. Anytime something new from Portishead is released it is reason to celebrate and this new track “Chase the Tear” is no exception. The proceeds from the single are going to Amnesty International and it can be had for only 99 cents.

What does it sound like, you ask? Well it’s all about the chase. The music wouldn’t seem out of place in a Wes Anderson feature, if he ever decided to make an awkward buddy cop film set in the mid 80s. It’s got a driving synth beat that makes me want to run in circles or bob my head in the corner of a stobe-filled underground dance club. It’s good, real good and I suggest picking it up since 1) It’s Portishead and; 2) It’s supporting a great charity. If you’re in Canada pick it up here, elsewhere check out the Portishead site for details.

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