Kristyn’s best albums of 2009

This marks my very first “best of” list ever. I have never been one for lists, not have I ever been one for dates. Could have something to do with my terrible memory… Up until this year I never paid much attention to what year an album was released, for me whatever year I started listening to an album was its birth into the world. Perhaps this is self centered, but it worked. Given this parameter I have decided to compile the albums that made it into heavy rotation for me this year (although at Shaun’s insistence I did limit them to ones released in 2009)…

So in order of least to heaviest rotation, here we go…

#10 The Flaming Lips – Embryonic 
Yes Kris this does mean you like the Flaming Lips now. As you should.

#9  Timber Timbre – Timber Timbre
I heard this band first as an opening act in a church. This album is as captivating as they are live. 

#8 Yeah Yeah Yeahs- It’s Blitz!
I could never argue with the fact that this band is good, I just could never listen to an album in full more than once. Finally I can! 

#7 BlakRoc- Blakroc
It seemed like an unlikely compilation album but it works so well. I particularly like the MosDef track.
favourite song: dollars and sense 

#6 The xx – xx
I listened to this album late in the year but to its credit it made it to heavy rotation immediately. 
Favourite song: crystalized 

#5  Avett Brothers- I and Love and You
I somehow forgot how much I liked this band at some point this year until a dear friend played this album for me one morning. Falling in love twice is so much better than once.
favourtie song: head full of doubt head full of promise, I and Love and You 

#4 Florence and the Machine -Lungs
Thanks to Shaun for filling my ipod for Christmas so I finally gave this album a listen. Better late than never.
Favourite song: dog days are over 

#3 Passion Pit- Manners
I am a sucker for dancey electronic music and I danced my way through 2009 to this one.
favourite song:  Little secrets

#2 Phoenix- Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix
I will always love a good pop song and oh there are so many on this album. 
favourite song: rome 

#1 Animal Collective- Merriweather Post Pavillion
There isn’t much I can add to what’s been said about this album, so I’ll just happily appreciate in silence.
 favourite song: in the flowers, summertime clothes 

and The Albums that should have made the list….

I figure that if I’d had more time to listen to the albums of this year and my computer hadn’t died on me this list might look very different, so below are the albums that would have made it in my top 2009 list with a little more time…

Neko Case- Middle Cyclone

Fever Ray- Fever Ray

Bat for Lashes- Two Suns

Handsome Furs- Face Control

Tune-Yards- Bird Brains

Grizzly Bear-Veckatimest

Bibio- Ambivalence Avenue

The Dirty Projectors- Bitte Orca

thanks 2009

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2 Responses to Kristyn’s best albums of 2009

  1. Kris says:

    5 of our Top 10 albums are the same and I have 9 out of your ten on my list. I think this means we have similar taste in music! Good Top 10, what’s your favourite song off each of those albums?

    • Kristyn says:

      I tried not to read yours before I did mine cause I was worried about that. I added in my favourite tracks for the ones I could decide on.

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