new listens

A couple things to go check out if you’re so inclined.

First, Owen Pallett released a new album on January 12th called Heartland that I think is certainly worth listening to. He’s finally given up his snazzy moniker “final fantasy” and has released this album under his real name. Although you can still find the usual poppy string arrangements that infatuate me, it’s much more orchestral sounding than previous albums. It certainly adds a different dimension to his sound. This is the kind of album you will get caught up in and listen to again and again. I’ve included one of the poppier songs for your ears, which you can conveniently download here for free.

Lewis Takes Action


Take a listen to the single from Broken Bells (self titled), which is set to be released in March. The single The High Road isn’t exactly brand new but it’s new to me. BrokenBells is a collaboration between Danger Mouse (but under his real name) and James Mercer, the lead singer of the shins. It makes for a very unexpected and excellent sound I assure you.

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