Been awhile

China - Scade Photography

So, as you can see we haven’t really made a post in a long while.  Too long of awhile to be more exact yet vague.  As some people know I am a photographer, and for some reason my usually slow period, has become ridiculously busy.  So less time for music blogging for Shaun.  Well what about Kris and Kristyn then?  Well, they have decided to both leave for multi-month long vacations on the same day.  Kris is out exploring Japan right now, while Kristyn is in India.  Collectively we all hope that they can make some great posts about the music scene in there respective vacation places.  While I sit in cold Edmonton and talk about whatever is on my mind I suppose.  I do have 2 concerts coming up this weekend, so there will definitely be some concert talk.  Saturday is the Rural Alberta Advantage, and on Monday is Wilco!  A great weekend to look forward to.  So I hope to be picking up on the blog slack now, and I will start it off with a couple of posts.  In honour of Kris and Kristyn’s adventures in exotic lands, I have attached a copy of a photo I took on my last exotic vacation to China.   – Shaun

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