“I’m in love with the world today”

During this mornings music research I stumbled upon this little gem.  I had been listening to Joanna Newsom’s new album and this free single had downloaded and started playing.  I thought that this might be one of Justin Vernon’s early (pre Bon Iver) tracks, but I didn’t recognize it.  Then I looked and it was an artist I hadn’t heard before.  Mesita.  According to the last.fm biography “Mesita is the ongoing project of a 21-year-old self-taught multi-instrumentalist and coffee enthusiast from Littleton, Colorado.”  This song is sung in the same vein as Justin Vernon’s Bon Iver Project and the instrumentation is hushed but more involved with small flourishes of piano and other instruments throughout.  Lyrically, it is a more uplifting message that I have been loving lately (See Jonsi – Go Do).

we are loving




and we are beautiful
and we can change the world
and we are living/breathing

This song has been listened to about 10 times this morning and will definitely be played more throughout the day, week, and likely year.  Take a listen to this surprisingly great track, head on over to the myspace and listen to a few others (not just a one trick pony).  This looks to be an artist to keep an eye on.

Mesita – Living Breathing

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One Response to “I’m in love with the world today”

  1. stephs says:

    we are beautiful and we WILL change the world. 😉

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