Kris’ Weekly Ramblings 1

So as Shaun has let you all know I’m currently travelling around in Japan, South East Asia and Australia. I’m in Melbourne now and since I don’t have Internet access that often and am not listening to much new music or any music for that matter, I thought I’d just throw together some random thoughts on music and post them every week.

– I haven’t listened to, bought or downloaded a new album in almost a month. I can’t deal with this. I also rarely listen to music these days. Why can’t they just pipe music through the streets? Is there any justice in this world?!?

– ‘Giving Up The Gun’ is the best song from Vampire Weekend’s newest album and at 4:45 is one of their longest songs. Supposedly it has a great video, I don’t know, haven’t seen it, ask Shaun.

– I’d like to hear the new Joanna Newsom album but am not buying overpriced CDs in Australia. Armed with only an iPod I couldn’t put it on there anyways. Even Shaun likes it! I like both her previous albums a lot and i’ll like this one too, but I’m out of the loop! Give me harps! Give me piano! Give me your voice!

– I’m bitter that the ticket website told me the Jane’s Addiction was cancelled but they did end up playing two days ago in Melbourne.

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