Listening in India

Well since Kris has posted some of his experiences relating to music I figure I too will share some of my thoughts. I’ve been running around India for the last month and like Kris am craving new tunes. Well that is, I’m craving music I relate to. There is certainly music everywhere, actually Kris I believe they do pump it through the streets. Every corner shop, personal radio and temple plays music. If, however you don’t happen to be near one of those places, people like to play music through their cell phones or break out into songs from Bollywood movies at the drop of the hat. Especially in the Punjab where Bhangra music comes from- men party in the streets. It’s fantastic.

-The other day I met a young fellow who was high on Jesus and the blues. He sat down with us for breakfast and raved about Robert Johnson and told us about the time he stalked Daniel Johnston in Texas and managed to meet him. Then with no segway he left with: “jesus ain’t even my homeboy man, he’s my god.”

-My Ipod has been a bit of a relief for me from all the jesus lovers and singing Indians and I have been listening almost daily to Fyfe Dangerfield’s album Fly Yellow Moon.

-The only live music I’ve seen has been folk music. I saw a woman dance with 7 pots on her head while a band accompanied her. I watched men sing prayers in the Golden Temple, and I listened to men play the tabla, something that looked like an accordion in an box and a clarinet like thing. It was hypnotic.

-Like everything else in India, the music here is totally different from home. The only western music I hear playing in shops and restaurants is Shakira (cause who doesn’t love her) and Avril Lavigne (which I find unexplainable).


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One Response to Listening in India

  1. Breanna says:

    jesus ain’t even my homeboy man, he’s my god.”

    thats an unreal line haha

    hope your having a blast over there

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