Kris’s Random Ramblings 2

Yes, I actually decided to write another one of these. I’m as surprised as you are as I have very little new to say.

– I never mentioned Hot Chip last week. I think Hot Chip’s new album, One Life Stand, is excellent and much better than their last one, Made in the Dark. I got into Hot Chip with The Warning and found 3/4 of that album to be quite unique and invigorating. One Life Stand reminds me of that album in that 3/4 is great, but it’s not as unique which is no real problem. The title track is the best song they’ve released in four years and I’ve been listening to it a lot since i’ve been overseas. I’d also like to say a big “F*ck you” to NBC for taking down all the videos of Hot Chip and The Roots playing ‘One Night Stand’ on Jimmy Fallon since I haven’t seen it, but i’d like to be able to.

– Today I was on a beach for a few hours. What’s your favourite beach music? I find myself drifting towards the Verve and Jane’s Addiction. The Verve would be my top pick as their early dreamy sound is complemented perfectly with ocean waves in the background. I should write something about the Verve someday. Speaking of Jane’s Addiction, I was under the assumption that they had cancelled their concert in Melbourne, but it turns out that they did play and I missed it. They were in my top 10 bands to see. I’m bitter, very bitter.

– I hear that in Canada they played a horrible song over and over during their Olympic coverage. In Australia, the coverage was excellent and rarely biased, though they did focus on the Australians once in awhile. The best thing they did was make little montages using popular songs and events during the day. They made one for the Canadian figure skater whose mom passed away right before the Olympics. It made Sarah cry, that’s just how touching it was. If you’re going to watch the Winter Olympics I suggest watching them in Australia. Only bad thing is that they don’t understand curling and make  fun of it all the time.

– A Cover band we saw played ‘Summer of 69’ and everyone here knew all the words. As much as i’m sick of the song it’s heartwarming to see that the song has universal appeal. Bryan Adams, love him or hate him, has done his part to spread Canadian music around the globe.

– The internet cafe i’m in is only playing dub and reggae music. It’s like I was at New City on Reggae night. Remember that? Do they still do that? I hope so.

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One Response to Kris’s Random Ramblings 2

  1. Larson says:

    Cool. I was on the fence on the latest Hot Chip album but I think I will check it out now.

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