What we lose in the fire is never gone

I don’t know about where you live, but up here in Alberta we have been dealing with some really crappy weather lately. After setting heat records in April, May become cold, rainy, and yes, snowy. We had more snow here in Edmonton than in January through April… COMBINED. So, I had to turn to some rainy day music. One of the more recent albums that I have turned to is “What we lose in the fire we gain in the flood” by the Mynabirds. I am not going to pretend that I know anything about them but I can tell you that this album is sultry when it needs to be, mellow when it has to be, and bombastic because it can be. Now that we have been giving 3 days of sun, I am sitting in the basement working and listening to it on repeat. So for you photographers, it is great editing music as well. And if you are a fan of Rachael Yamagata, then you should most definitely check it out. Some songs you almost think that the album switched over to some Rachael. Standout tracks include the horned up opener “What we gained in the fire”, the raucous “Let the record go”, “Numbers don’t lie”, and the fantastical piano balladry of “Right Place”.

Too much common sense will leave a bad taste in your mouth…. so wash it out, wash it out.

01 What We Gained in the Fire

09 Right Place

– Shaun

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