This is happening…Kid Cudi?

So it’s been ages since I’ve written a blog post but I figure in honour of Kris, Shaun and I reuniting after our respective travels I should contribute something and take the heat off Shaun.

LCD soundsystem released a new album in May and now that I am back home and can access new music, I have been listening to it in excess. With standout tracks, “all I want” and “dance yrself clean” it has summer anthem potential which reminds me 2005 when “daft punk is playing in my house” played at every house party.

But rather than harp on about the album, I wanted to put up two Kid Cudi songs. I like Kid Cudi, not nearly as much as I like LCD soundsystem, but as hip-hop goes he’s refreshing.  Just recently I ran across the song “can I be” which is Kid Cudi rapping over “someone great” from sound of silver. At first I was excited to hear what he had done, but unfortunately I was really disappointed. It’s pretty boring. Listen here.

But then Kid Cudi took a second go at LCD and posted the song “All talk,” which is fantastic. Plus it features Christian Bale’s hilarious freak-out. Well played boys. Listen here.

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One Response to This is happening…Kid Cudi?

  1. Breanna says:

    I agree with you on this one kris good call!!!!

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