In the heart of Minnesota, Here come the Purple Yoda

Ok, so I have been a huge Prince fan since I was a little kid.  In the late 80’s. I was 10 years old.  I didn’t understand Prince.  But I new it was something different.  Something exciting.  The older I got, the more I understood the subject matter.  The more exciting it became.  Prince was ahead of his time when his first album came out, and unfortunately he had an issue with quality control, but every album had something worth listening to.  In the 90’s I grew more attached to Prince’s Music diving into his back catalog and exploring his new releases.  I still think that “Sign of the Times” is one of the greatest albums of all time.  Driving around in the Minivan blasting The symbol album (Sexy MF, my name is Prince) and obscure B-Sides still remains one of my fav Prince memories.  During this mornings thunderstorm I found myself walking around singing “Thunder” off of his Classic “Diamonds and Pearls” album.  Well, just now his new album has leaked.  And upon first listen, there appears to be some great tracks.  Some that harken back to the old Prince.  One who was always ahead of his time.  As with most of his albums there is some filler.  But Tracks like the opener “Compassion”, Follower “Beginning Endlessly” and the killer “Lay it Down” are definitely standouts.  The latter sounds like something that could chart on some current stations.  I would post a song here, but unfortunately Prince is very stringent on his releases and likeness, so I will point you in the direction of one of my favourite music blogs for you to listen to his new track, and to read about his unique distribution system.  So head on over to Pretty Much Amazing and check it out before it gets removed.  And just so you have something to watch, here is Janelle Monae doing a tribute to Prince at the BET awards last week.

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1 Response to In the heart of Minnesota, Here come the Purple Yoda

  1. Kristyn says:

    great song

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