Lists, Lists and Lists

One thing you may have noticed here at Bolster Your Holster is our love of lists. Or more specifically, my love of lists. On this site we’ve had our ‘Best of’ lists of 2009 and the 2000’s and we also have our ‘Top 5’s’ which unfortunately have been missing lately, but will be returning in a week or two. I like to think that I’m the driving force behind these lists since I have some OCD behaviour that makes me have to put rankings on everything. I always seem to be asking others to name their top songs by Dylan, Zeppelin, Prince and so on. Surprisingly, most people don’t like to make lists or find it too difficult to do so. I enjoy the challenge and even though my lists change on a daily basis I still enjoy drawing them up.

So where is all the list talk going…? I thought I’d bring up, which has people who are much more involved with lists than I would ever want to be. Atease is a Radiohead fan site that has been around for years, but the forums have become legendary for any music fans to come, write and get made fun of for their taste in music. Now, I’m not a big fan of message boards and only have a few posts on them, but they have their yearly songs and albums lists and I always try to submit a list for those ones. After a few months, they tabulate all the lists and make a Top 1000 albums of all-time. Since it is a Radiohead website it is inevitable that the Top is dominated by Radiohead, but most of the list is pretty sweet and exposes people to a lot of new, interesting music from the 1940’s to the present.

Currently they are taking lists for the Top 1000 albums of all time (2010 edition) and I’ve submitted my Top 150 albums and feel very out of whatever is considered ‘hip’ music these days as most of my picks can be found on other Top albums lists. But is it wrong that I think that the Beatles, Hendrix, Zeppelin and other popular older artists are better than some obscure free jazz or Animal Collective (they really have a thing for them at Atease)? Here are some highlights from my list, so you can get a better sense of my music taste and also just because.

Breakdown per decade: 22 albums from the 60’s; 38 from the 70’s; 15 from the 80’s, 39 from the 90’s; 36 from the 2000’s.

Artists with the most albums: 6 for The Beatles and Led Zeppelin.

Year with most albums: 1971 (8 albums), proving that this was the greatest year for music ever.

And here’s my Top 25, if you want the rest of the list, just ask:

25 | Wilco | Yankee Hotel Foxtrot
24 | The Dandy Warhols | 13 Tales From Urban Bohemia
23 | Arcade Fire | Funeral
22 | Talking Heads | Remain in Light
21 | Verve | A Storm in Heaven
20 | Jane’s Addiction | Ritual De Lo Habitual
19 | Van Morrison | Astral Weeks
18 | The Beatles | Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
17 | Led Zeppelin | II
16 | Air | Moon Safari
15 | Portishead | Dummy
14 | Aerosmith | Get your Wings
13 | The Beatles | Abbey Road
12 | Nine Inch Nails | The Fragile
11 | Pink Floyd | Wish You Were Here
10 | Smashing Pumpkins | Siamese Dream
09 | Bob Dylan | Blood On The Tracks
08 | Prince | Purple Rain
07 | Pink Floyd | Meddle
06 | Fleetwood Mac | Rumors
05 | Led Zeppelin | IV
04 | The Rolling Stones | Let it Bleed
03 | U2 | Achtung Baby
02 | Radiohead | Kid A
01 | The Beatles | The Beatles

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