a very belated gush over the new arcade fire

Well looks like we have a theme today, as Kris just posted something on this band as well. It really isn’t that surprising considering we  (and every other person I enjoy) are talking about the Arcade Fire.  This morning, as I finally started unpacking in my new apartment in my new city and I finally gave a listen to “Suburbs.” It seemed fitting, as I recently relocated to Montreal (the band’s home base), and after a 6-day car ride with only my high-school CD collection to keep me company, I was in the mood for new music.

This album is wonderful. I didn’t expect anything less from the Arcade Fire, but I was so happy to be swept away by something that was characteristic of the band’s signature sound but new and exciting as well. I’m on listen number 3.

I couldn’t decide which songs to post, seeing as how I am liking pretty much all of it. I really dig the poppy number “City With No Children” and “Half Light I” is also a stand out.

If you are lacking things to do this long weekend, this album is an afternoon activity.

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