The xx win the Barclaycard Mercury Music Prize 2010

As we haven’t loved this album enough at Bolster Your Holster, let’s write about it one more time.

The xx are the winners of the 2010 Barclaycard Mercury Prize (formerly the Mercury Music Prize), an award which recognizes the best album from the UK, for their album xx. Looking at the nominees this year, it was pretty easy for me to see that The xx stood out and with their popularity rising month after month the momentum was on their side to win the award.

All three of us on the blog put this album in our Top 10 of 2010 and for me, I would now include it in my Top 3. Best described as a slow burner, xx, is a late night dark pop album with sparse instrumental sections with female and male vocals. Taking a look at the xx they seem to have that depressed Cure look about them, you can also feel that in the album. They’re young, have a bit of stage fright and dress in black, but damn they can write some catchy songs.

I look forward to writing more about this album in the next Top 5, which will be up on the blog tomorrow, but in the meantime a big congratulations goes out to the xx as we wait their sophomore album sometime in the near future.

Here’s a video of “Crystalized” for your viewing pleasure:

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