You’re my question, you’re my proof

Love him or hate him. Kanye is here to stay. His upcoming album has been one of the my most anticipated albums of the year. Today, the most anticipated track for me leaked. As the story goes, Kanye flew out Justin Vernon of Bon Iver to rerecord some parts of the fantastic song “woods” for one of his new songs. Two weeks later, he was flown out to contribute on a whole pile more of them. On his GOOD Fridays site he released the killer track “Monster”. One of the best rap tracks of the year. Today, “Lost in the world” leaked. And it’s brilliant. The Bon Iver track is used to full effect, and the Gil Scott Heron spoken word tops it off. Give it a listen over here and ignore the websites plug throughout. This song is jumping furiously to become one of the best tracks of the year.


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One Response to You’re my question, you’re my proof

  1. Aman says:

    Good tip man. I agree with you on Monster – awesome track.

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