I want to be wanted for more than just my light

Amy Seeley, Jesh de Rox

It has been a hectic few months for me. Getting married does that. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t time for music. I fit it in wherever I can. In the last month I have seen over 30 artists perform. I will try to get to some of those very soon, but for now I will focus on the most recent. On Monday, we had the awesome pleasure of hosting an in house concert featuring 2 amazing artists. Jesh de Rox and Amy Seeley.

Jesh is a great friend of mine who has played a large part in my development the last few years. He is also a gifted photographer and performer. Jesh has started on a new project call ‘Cecilia’ which is an evolution of the musical experience combined with discovery and development. Experiential music one could say. It is a natural progression from the way he photographs and lives and something I think that will always be evolving.

Amy is someone who I have been listening to for several years now. As beautiful as her recorded works are, it’s live and intimate where she encapsulates the listener. She is an artist that just doesn’t sing her songs, but embodies them. So much so that sometimes the space in between the piano notes are more important than the notes themselves. Her lyrics are heartbreaking and encouraging at the same time and she possesses a voice that will reach deep within. Her new album is due to drop on November 30th. Head on over to her site and check out some of her songs, and grab an awesome new track in exchange for an email.

Together they each played some originals, some with extra audience participation, culminating in a newly penned duet to close the evening. For the 30 or so individuals that were able to witness this one of a kind experience it was truly inspiring and the beginning of a meaningful conversation. My friend Bruce Clarke managed to record a couple of Amy’s songs for us, and we are hoping that he will have a couple more to post soon. Watch a couple of the performances below.

EDIT: – Just added the new video of the final duet that they had written the night before.

Following the session we had a chance to talk with Amy Seeley and discuss some of the music in Portland where she is currently residing. I had mentioned that “The head and the heart” and “Drew Grow and the Pastor’s wives(Listen to their awesome album in full here) are 2 of my favourite new bands, and she mentioned that “Horse Feathers” are amazing. I previously had only heard a few songs from their 2006 release, so I thought I would revisit them again. And I am glad that I did. They are a combination of rootsy strings, guitar, banjo, and one of those great voices. So check them out.  And enjoy this lovely HearYa Session below.

– Shaun

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3 Responses to I want to be wanted for more than just my light

  1. Kristina Scade says:

    The title of the blog was my favourite line ‘I want to be wanted for more than my light’. I even wrote it his journal. Can you tell we’re related???

    Great post!

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