I’ve been thinking ’bout me and you


As mentioned earlier by Kris, we are big fans of the XX here.  So when Romy Madley Croft of the XX does a sultry guest appearance, we take notice.  Creep is an all-lauren electronic duo from Brooklyn that creates twitchy dreamy housey soundscapes.  Along with Romy the three create a track that seduces you, and then penetrates your mind with layer upon layer of synthy goodness.  Imagine a less dark Fever Ray with the XX.  Directions for listening, Apply headphones, Turn Up (a lot), Listen and repeat.  Their EP with 2 tracks and 2 remixes drops this week, and A full length is anticipated in the new year.

Creep – Days (ft. Romy of the XX)

– shaun

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1 Response to I’ve been thinking ’bout me and you

  1. Kris says:

    I listened to this last week and I liked it. But more xx? come on Bolster we have to stop talking about them!

    In other news have you heard that new xx remix…

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