New Artist Watch: Florrie

Clicking the ‘About’ tab on her website brings up the simple sentence: “Florrie is a drummer, singer, songwriter and guitarist.”

Beyond that she has some of the catchiest pop songs heard in a while. Some of the tracks have a definite club vibe that could ignite many dance parties over the coming spring and summer.

Florrie is an unsigned, 21 year old British lass who started out as a drummer on tracks by Girls Aloud, Kylie and various others. She now writes her own songs, often aided by Fred Falke, and is starting a UK tour next week. Her website, , is the ultimate Florrie compendium full of info updated quite often with new tracks, photos and videos.

According to her twitter and facebook accounts she will have a new EP available in a few weeks. If it follows the trend of her previous EP, Introduction, it will be available for free from her website and physical copies will be available by order.

Her Introduction EP contains four tracks with each one better than the last culminating with ‘Left too Late’, the standout of the bunch that has a perfect dance beat accented with a synth scale that haunts me every time I hear it, slightly similar to Justin Timberlake’s ‘My Love’. Florrie’s songwriting prowess is the highlight here and something this strong so early in her career suggests something is special here.

In fact you can download any song of hers from her website for free. She is taking full advantage of using social media to further her career and get her music to all those who want it. On the website is the EP, a couple new songs and many remixes all available in mp3 or flac formats.

I’ve posted my two favourite tracks off the Introduction EP below, if you like them go check out her website to get some more excellent free music.

Mp3: 03 Summer Nights

Mp3: 04 Left Too Late

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