I don’t know about my dreams anymore….

I don’t know about my dreaming anymore….

All that I know is that I am falling, falling, falling, falling,

I might as well fall.

The newest single from James Blake’s Fantastic forthcoming LP is Wilhelm’s Scream.  Today a video for the song was released on the interwebs.  The video itself is a fuzzed out electronic feeling trip.  And so is the song.  The above lyrics are sung in a sweet and soulful falsetto.  Somber at times.  Hopeful at others.  But as the song degrades and progresses into a mash of electronics, reverb, and then ultimately breaks apart, so does the video.  This is one of the big standouts on an album that haunts you to the core.  It reminds me of Jamie Lidell at times and yet it sounds like nothing else really.  This is a ballad for the new century.  Hazy and disjointed.  Haunting and beautiful.  A pure hybrid of organic and electronic.  The self-titled debut LP comes out on February 8th.  So keep an earball open for it.  And if you somehow missed his amazing cover of Feist’s “Limit to your Love” check it out below as well.  And put on some quality headphones or make sure your sub is turned on.

The Wilhelm Scream

Limt to your Love


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6 Responses to I don’t know about my dreams anymore….

  1. stephs says:

    haha! earball!

  2. Nichelle says:

    Just heard this at the end of Entourage and had to look it up by the lyrics. Beautiful and brilliant. Beautiful singing and brilliant writing! I gotta watch for this dude.

  3. Hasan says:

    nice song! just heard at the end of Entourage.

  4. kalu says:

    just heard at the end of entourage too. very nice song!

  5. shikorina says:


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