Okkervil River – Mermaid

This week saw the release of a new Okkervil River single entitled ‘Mermaid’. It contains two tracks that, in my opinion, revitalize the Okkervil spirit of their earlier works. After two somewhat disappointing albums these two new songs recall the somber haunting of Black Sheep Boy and the melancholy of  Down the River of Golden Dreams.

Interestingly enough, these new tracks will not be on Okkervil’s new album, I Am Very Far, which will be released on May 10. But, if these tracks are any indication of the direction that  I Am Very Far is going, I am excited once again to hear a new Okkervil River album.

‘Mermaid’ musically is like Black Sheep Boy’s waltzy ‘A King and a Queen’ mixed with ‘So Come Back, I Am Waiting’ and a string section. The other track, ‘Walked Out On A Line’, could be a glimpse in to Okkervil’s future which sounds almost electronic, but i swear it is still an organic drum beat. The vocal harmonies on this track just take the band to new heights.

To be honest, I had written off Okkervil River, associating them with certain years of my life and thinking I would never feel the same about them again. The Mermaid single has proven that wrong and I Am Very Far may turn out to be one of the best albums of 2011.

The 12″ can be purchased through Okkervil River’s online store. Just follow the link here.

Also here is Mermaid for those who would like a preview:

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2 Responses to Okkervil River – Mermaid

  1. Kristyn says:

    where can I hear the single?

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