So I got a new record player…

After years of waiting, something came. AND finally I have a new record player which means I have a lot of records to listen to. I’m fortunate to have a Dad, Uncle and Grandpa who collected a lot of great records over the years and then passed them on to their favourite son/nephew/grandson. I’ve been buying records as well for the last few years in anticipation of finally having a good record player to listen to them on.

It’s a new Rega P2, soon to be discontinued, but something that proves to me that vinyl has a special sound that most CDs fail to replicate. I’m rediscovering old favourites and I’m excited to work my way through all the albums I haven’t had a chance to listen to. Featured in the picture above is Relayted by Gayngs, one of my favourites of 2010, a new vinyl gift from Shaun, one of Bolster’s co-writers.

From here on in listening / dance parties will be happening constantly.

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