Screen falling off the door, door falling off the hinges, my feet are still sore… We lifted this house.

Ok, so I have been trying to not post this song for the past week now, but I have realized I have to. The reason I haven’t is because it is posted over at one of my favourite blogs “I am fuel, you are friends”. And she did such a great job of talking about that I don’t really have to. So head on over there and check out her thoughts on the great track. However, while you are here you should watch the video here. This song just won’t leave my head. And this awesomely boisterous video is just too much fun to not watch. It’s loaded with face paint, dancing, singing, and just plain old being a kid. I bought this album a couple days back and I am enjoying it. I can’t say that there are songs on there better than this one, but seriously. So let me know if I am on crack and have been charmed into this song, or if it holds merit.

– Shaun

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