I’ve acquired a taste for silence, Darkness fills my heart with comfort

Lately I have been getting confused by the whole definition of Dubstep. Dubstep has obvious similarities to Grime, Drum and Bass, and Uk Garage, but then there are the artist’s that push things in different directions. It seems that there are different sub-genres of dubstep that are starting to emerge. And with the dubstep influence starting to saturate itself into North American Pop artists like Brittany Spears, it is an inevitability. First were the DJs and artists like Skream and more recently like Rusko. Then there was Burial, who to me defined the dubstep sound. And then came James Blake which was completely different. And even more recently (If you can legitimately say that) comes Jamie Woon.

Jamie Woon is associated with Burial which has really hyped up his forthcoming release. But in the end its the songs and the voice that are really what sets him apart. While James Black has a killer emotive voice that is showcased on a few tracks, his album is more of an educated listen that rewards with time. Whereas Jamie Woon sounds like a legitimate soul singer with a penchant for electronic production. He is Dubstep’s crossover artist. And it explains why the James and Jamie are beginning to be called Post-dubstep.

Below are three videos. The new video for Lady Luck. A song that reminds me more of Craig David then it does Blake. This is a radio friendly jam that is getting heavy remix treatments.

The next is likely my favourite track by him so far. It is co-produced by Burial and has a strong yet subtle Influence.

And the last video is an acoustic number called “Waterfront” which is appropriately sung by the waterfront. Just him and an acoustic guitar. Completely different than the last 2 songs and it showcases his voice, songwriting, and versatility.

His debut album is set to release on April 11th. I expect this to be an extremely strong debut that has a chance to break through on several levels. The comparisons with James Blake will likely continue, but it looks to be the year for (post) Dubstep to infiltrate North America.


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1 Response to I’ve acquired a taste for silence, Darkness fills my heart with comfort

  1. Carolyn says:

    Nice. Looks like we’re on about the same pathways. I’ll have to check out Jamie Woon. High hopes for Mary Anne Hobbs’ set at Coachella…

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