Tell me you love me, only for tonight, even though you don’t love me.

The last few years there has been a trend for artists to release mixtapes. These mixtapes provide the opportunity for bands to release mixes and tracks that just don’t always make it to the album. Sometimes, they are released as an EP to promote hype in the blog and music community, featuring some of their best tracks. This is the case with The Weeknds new mixtape entitled “House of Ballons”. This Toronto duo is receiving lots of hype in the internet lately and rightfully so. The mixtape is jampacked with genre bending R&B that sounds new and fresh. The standout for me is Wicked Game featured below. Don’t expect a cover of Chris Isaak though. Expect a dark and brooding guitar infused track that evokes a less sexy and less Prince obsessed “The Dream”.

Another very close favourite is the opening track “High for This” with its haunting synths and distorted hits that lead into the buildup 2/3rds of the way through. “You want to be high for this”.

And the other track that has been staying with me is “The morning”. Another slower R&B jam that builds, this time backed by a reverb drenched blues lick that just keeps growing.

The rest is nearly as good, and if this free mixtape is any indication, their major release is gonna be one of the albums of the year. Head on over to their website and grab the free download of the mixtape. Let us know what you think.


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