We’ve been running a sleepless run, We’ve been losing our exits, one by one

This came as quite a surprise today. The National, as recognized over the last two years on this blog as my favourite modern band, released a new single from the soundtrack to the film Win Win. The track is called ‘Think You Can Wait’, and falls into the more depressing side of the National. Put it somewhere between ‘About Today’ and ‘Sorrow’.

The recording is one of the best sounding they’ve released and the piano and strings sound beautiful and longing. Sharon Van Etten shows up half way through to add some haunting female vocal textures.  I’m unsure whether it was written during the High Violet sessions, but it sounds like something different, something that could have been on Alligator, if Alligator had been made in 2011. It works on many levels and every listen I’m liking this song more and more. I expect it to age very gracefully.

The lyrics just make me sad, which I guess is great for a National song. “I’ll try, but I couldn’t be better, All I have is loss”, not uplifting at all, but really fits with the music. Who knows how it will play out in context with the film. The soundtrack is set to hit sometime in April, but in the meantime you can purchase the single through amazon or itunes.

Or you can download it right here:  01 Think You Can Wait

I’m out of my mind, think you can wait?

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