It’s a Sigur Rós Frenzy

So it is no secret that Sigur Rós are my favourite band. And to me pretty much anything they do is golden. Well yesterday they released a swarm of tracks. Demos. Live Masterpieces. And they put it all up on Soundcloud for us all to enjoy. And wow is it enjoyable. There are outtakes from my favourite album of all time. New transitions. New endings. New loveliness. Ágætis byrjun to me is an album that cannot be improved. After more than 10 years it still resonates deeply with me and I keep discovering nuances within it. Hearing these little pieces of it, and the development process of tracks brings new light into this masterpiece. The live pieces are also wonderful captures of an amazing band live. As mentioned many times before, GO SEE THEM. But for now, take a listen to some of these rarities and go back and listen to the full album with intent. See what else you discover.

The Svefn-g-englar 1999 demo is a wonderful insight into what it becomes later on. And the live version of my favourite Sigur Rós song Flugufrelsarinn a surprisingly raw take that takes a lot of the sheen off of the original.


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