Record Store Day 2011 – Edmonton Edition

April 16 is Record Store Day 2011 throughout the world and tonnes of limited exclusives will be hitting the shelves for one day where vinyl geeks of all walks of life go out and support their local, independent record dealers. There are worldwide releases, regional releases, limited runs, collector’s editions, and many more releases that will bring people out to get that one copy that is available in Edmonton, before you have to pay triple the price on ebay or Craig’s List.

For a great overview of all Record Store Day releases check out the Record Store Day website for a listing of every release and which region it will be released in.

Since 2/3 of the writers of BolsteryourHolster are located in Edmonton, we’re going to look at what is going on in the participating shops here in good old YEG.

Listen Records: I love Listen, it is likely my favourite record store in Edmonton and Kris keeps a healthy stock of rock, electronic and world recordings on hand. He’s always willing to bring in special orders and put items on hold. This Record Store Day, Listen will have a bunch of the limited releases in stock and will be open from 10am – 6pm. There may be some live music and there will be a 20% off store-wise sale.

Blackbyrd Myoozik: Blackbyrd has been a staple of Whyte Ave for quite awhile now, and has a great selection of vinyl and cds. They always have a great sale on Record Store Day and this year is no exception. This year they will have a two day sale on the 16 & 17 with 20% off all non-sale items and 50% off all used vinyl. Look for lots of limited releases as well and live music starting around 6pm.

Freecloud Records: I recently visited Freecloud for the first time in years and was pleasantly surprised at the different genres they had in stock. They carry a healthy selection of new vinyl and lots of great deals on used albums. This year they’ll have a lot of limited releases and you can call them in advance and put items on hold (always a bonus). They usually have 10% new items on sale days, so it just might be the same this Record Store Day.

Permanent Records: They still don’t have a website and their selection is still fairly small, but they have a dedicated customer base and have been in the business for years throughout the city (at different shops). At least 3 bands will be playing and lots of exclusives as well. Right off Whyte at 103 street, I might pop in to check out the sales.

It’s also worthy to note that April 17 will showcase the Edmonton Music Collectors Show at Sherbrooke Community Hall at 13008 122nd Ave. from 10am – 4pm. Check out the website for the event here.

see you this weekend!

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