Summer sun says get out more, I need you, I want to, but I can’t get this feeling off my mind

With last year’s unfortunate passing of Jay Reatard, we were left with a void in our musical hearts. Jay Reatard’s music was raw and passionate and brought me back to the 90’s when raw garage pop was at it’s best. He and his music can never be replaced, but the new London band Yuck picks up where he left off, perhaps less frenetic and more focused. Yuck is essentially a bunch of kids around the age of 20 that make awesome music that reminds me of my teenage years. It’s melodic and catchy. It’s noisy and raw. It’s fun and it’s angry. Their debut album is a prime contender for top 5 album of the year for me.

I was first drawn in by the album opener “get away” and it’s accompanying video. It has a sense of urgency and immediacy that so much music lacks. The bass in the forefront and the distorted vocals back in the mix instantly bring you back a decade and a half, but still sounds fresh and new.

Other highlights include “Shook Down” with a guitar lick that reminds me a lot of one of my favorite bands from the 90’s. dada. It’s like a cross between the riffs from”Surround” and “Scum”.

“Holing Out” is another gritty rocker, whereas “Suicide Policeman” is among the best of the quieter tunes.

The awesome people over at Daytrotter have a 4 song live ep that is well worth downloading. So make sure you grab it and check out their other recent sessions like the great “Fitz and the Tantrums” and “Junip”.

– Shaun

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