There’s a possibility, All that I had, was all I’m going to get.

Last week Lykke Li’s MTV Unplugged show was aired in the US. The performances were then made available for streaming. However us Canadians that were interested in watching these fantastic stripped down versions were instead presented with a lovely message stating that “this content is not available in your country”. I will refrain from getting into the whole debate about whether the internet should have nationally boundaries, but I was displeased. Today, MTV decided to play nice and let us Canucks enjoy as well.

As with all MTV Unplugged sessions these songs are brought down to the basic elements and the focus is on the song and the performance. Lykke Li’s songs and style suit this format quite well. There are a couple of great surprises as well. She covers the fantastic “velvet” by the Big Pink and a stunning version of “Possibility”, the best song on the Twilight: The New Moon OST. And of course you can’t go wrong with “Dance, Dance, Dance” in all its raw percussion glory.

Head on over to MTV’s Uk Site to view this intimate performance

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