Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings / Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears – Starlite Room, Edmonton, AB, May 24, 2011

Time to do a little Dap-Dapin’ with the Dap-Kings? Oh, hell yes!

The one and only Miss Sharon Jones graced Edmonton last night and put on one of the finest shows this city has seen. Two full hours of pure soul, rip-roarin’, dance-o-matic tunes from one of the tightest acts around. It really was an experience to see The Dap-Kings live, sure the records are great, but in concert it is a whole different story. Get into a groove, let Miss Jones do her thing, and bring it all back together. Extended jams of such classics as ‘100 Days, 100 Nights’, ‘Window Shopping’ and ‘Better Things’ included impromptu dance explosions, audience members on stage, horn section freak-outs all overseen by the voice that is Sharon Jones. Capping off the night with a cover of James Brown ‘It’s a Man’s World’ was a perfect end to a spectacular evening that proved that soul and r&b still lives strong. Check out the videos and photos below for a slight glimpse of the show.

Black Joe Lewis and The Honeybears got everybody into a groove opening the night with a strong 50 minute set of funky blues-rock. They complemented Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings perfectly, I couldn’t think of a better band to have opening the show.

This review is really about the videos and photos below, check ’em out:

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