Timber Timbre / Tasseomancy – Avenue Theatre, Edmonton, AB, May 29, 2011

Timber Timbre‘s newest record, Creep On, Creepin’ On, has slowly become one of my favourite albums of 2011 and in the recent weeks leading up to their show last night the excitement of seeing them again was at its tipping point. Playing to a quiet, yet obviously excited, crowd at Edmonton’s Avenue Theatre, Timber Timbre did not disappoint playing the majority of their new release and a handful of tracks from 2009’s Timber Timbre.

The night opened with Tasseomancy, whose new album, available in August, has been produced by Timber Timbre. They sounded like a female-led version of Timber Timbre with some obvious influence from Loreena McKennitt, 60’s psych-folk and a little bit of prog. They played five tracks and I liked 3 of them, so I’m looking forward to checking out their album when it gets released. After their set, the soundtrack to Twin Peaks came on the PA and I couldn’t of thought of anything better to listen to before seeing Timber Timbre.

The stage was dimly lit by three red lights, as fitting as any lighting could be without using actual lanterns to illuminate the stage. Timber Timbre opened with a trio of tracks from Creep On, Creepin’ On, each one slowly down slightly and much more eerie live than in the studio. My highlight of the show came from two tracks that I’ve never paid much attention to on their respective albums. Until The Night is Over was transformed into a gypsy dirge that highlighted some instrumental parts that are hidden on the album version. As it ended it morphed into ‘Lonesome Hunter’, which after hearing live, has become the hidden gem on Creep On. ‘Lonesome Hunter’ was the best sounding of the new tracks, but set closer ‘Woman’ could easily give it a challenge with it’s guitar pedal lazers and staccato piano. An encore of ‘Trouble Comes Knocking’ ended the show masterfully, but I couldn’t help wanting more, feeling like I could listen to Timber Timbre all night.

Here is a video of ‘Lay Down in The Tall Grass’ from  the show. The video is crap, but the sound quality is decent. Enjoy!


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