And at once I knew, I was not magnificent.

I woke up to a message from Kris this morning. Bon Iver and Iceland Video = Instant Win for Shaun. I had no clue what he meant, but boy was I interested. As many of you know, my wife and I went to Iceland for our honeymoon last October. And I can’t stop thinking of the scenery, the experiences, the food and the music. So good old google helped me out and I discovered that the new music video for what is likely my favourite track on the new album, and one of my top 5 songs of the year, was filmed in Iceland.

Holocene is a haunting track that highlights Justin Vernon’s falsetto perfectly. And the video captures the magic of the song and of Iceland through the eyes of a child. At times it feels like old Sigur Ros videos with the slow motion effect that was so predominant in their earlier work. It was directed by Nabil Elderkin of National Geographic, so there is definitely a documentary style feel to it.

But I will let the song, the video, and Iceland do the rest of the talking, while I plan our next Icelandic adventure.

– Shaun

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2 Responses to And at once I knew, I was not magnificent.

  1. devon says:

    umm wow. im speechless..there is something emotionally heartstring tugging about this song & video. Iceland…its a magical place….isn’t it? i think i shall have to go someday…

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