I can feel the beat beat of your heart, and the sound is healing

My good friend Jesh de Rox just released his first EP this past weekend. We first heard some of these songs at a house concert that he and Amy Seeley performed at our place last winter. It was a very intimate affair. Amy Seeley with her signature piano style and a voice that makes you take note and listen and feel. And Jesh with his hushed lyrics and intense crowd participation.

The Only Sunrise features four tracks that take the arrangements a lot further than the simple guitar accompaniment. The album standout, “The Sound”, for example features lush instrumentation, cello lines, and an almost anthemic Coldplay feeling background swell. This fleshed out version really carries the song and the lyrics well. It is also a song that has soundtracked my dreams the last couple of days, and is in my head when I wake.

Ultimately it is the lyrics and the message that Jesh is trying to get across. Jesh is a purveyor of fine words and images in his alternate life as a photographer and “instructor” for lack of a better word. Music is simply another medium for his sharing. And like his other works, these songs focus on relationships. Relationships with others and ultimately with yourself. It’s about moments. It’s about appreciation.

It is a great debut from a person that is very dear to me. Am I biased. Of course. But I am glad to be.

Listen to the tracks below. And if you enjoy it. Purchase it using the good old Radiohead pricing plan of paying what you like for it.

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2 Responses to I can feel the beat beat of your heart, and the sound is healing

  1. dev says:

    oh jesh 🙂

    shivers. love.
    well done. indeed.

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