we are young, so let’s set the world on fire, we’ll go higher than the sun

3 years ago, Kristyn introduced me to this great band called “The Format”. Their song “Snails” was an instant favourite of mine and the rest of their albums were full of quirky folk-pop goodness. Unfortunately they had already split up at the time.

Then Nate Ruess came out with a new band. fun. Another ridiculously hard to Google Band Name. In 2009, they released the fantastic album, Aim and Ignite, an album of upbeat and optimistic downers. Their first single, At least I’m not as sad as I used to be, was the glass half full anthem of the year.

And now, in anticipation of their sophomore album they have released for free download on their website their new single. We are Young. We are Young features the extremely talented, and current tourmate, Janelle Monae on Backing Vocals. Once again, the subject matter is less than cheery, but man is it a ridiculously catchy song.

The first verse features what may be some of the best storytelling in prose of any pop song this year. Setting it up for the anthemic chorus that you sing along to loudly for hours after it stops.

give me a second I,
I need to get my story straight
my friend’s are in the bathroom getting higher than the empire state
my lover she is waiting for me
just across the bar
my seat’s been taken by some sunglasses asking about a scar
and I know I gave it to you two nights ago
I know you’re trying to forget

So go over to their website and download the fantastic track, and check out the apple peeling video below. And for those that do not know the songs I mentioned earlier, check out them out below as well.

The Format – Snails (Unofficial Video)

fun. – At least I’m not as sad as I used to be.

And check out our new site over at www.bolsteryourholster.com

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5 Responses to we are young, so let’s set the world on fire, we’ll go higher than the sun

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  3. chloebug says:

    Love this song



  5. Blade says:

    Fun I’m your biggest song I listen to your music 24-7

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