Some thoughts for 2012 from Bolster Your Holster

Listening to music is a game of give and take. Music puts you in a certain mood, you venture off in that mood and as it changes you want to listen to something else, which in turn changes your emotions again. I wish I could put it more eloquently then that, but alas my mind can’t think that way at the moment.

We are a public blog that wants to keep you on top of music, but we also don’t provide cut copy reviews and stories for our readers. While we maintain our personal lives to a degree, we like to talk and write about how music shapes us and adds meaning. That is the freedom that a blog brings. Our readers mostly find us through google searches, facebook posts and from our twitter feed, and we want them to continue reading and commenting not only to make the site better, but to be able to feel that connection we have to music and share their experiences with us.

I’ve been contemplating on a couple roads I could go down for the next year or two. Music has always been a huge influence on my life, enough so that I enjoy listening, playing, writing and dancing to/or about music most every day. I’m sure most of humanity feels the same way about at least two of those above four. It’s a decision whether to actually focus on those things as a career or at least a career on the side. Why not love what you do? Why not make your interests your career? These are questions that bring struggles and don’t guarantee success, but I think it is time to put those aside and try to make music an even bigger part of my life. With that I will likely be posting more finally.

Over the next year our readers will see a lot more of our personalities as we dive in to some new features and, if we can, a podcast every so often. We’d also like to know what you’d like to see on the blog, be it more in-depth artists features, a focus on some different genres or something just off the wall.  Bolsteryourholster will have a few more posts during the end of 2011 and in the first week of 2012 we’ll be rolling out our best albums and songs of 2011.

Thanks so much for reading over the last two years and we wish you the very best for the Holiday season!



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