The Weeknd – Echoes of Silence

Well Shit… It managed to drop before New Years’. Abel Tesfaye had promised 3 mixtapes in 2011 and with only 10 days left in the year, rumours that it wouldn’t drop this year were in the air. I thought he might release it on New Years’ Eve, but instead a few hours ago, Echoes of Silence¬† became available from

I say mixtape, but all three of the albums are filled with excellent new tracks that are better than most albums released this year. I’m only on the second song of the album so far and the production on Echoes of Silence is cleaner and less murkier than that on House of Balloons and Thursday. The album opens with a cover of Michael Jackson’s ‘Dirty Diana’, a huge surprise, as Tesfaye sounds remarkably like MJ. Also included is the track ‘Initiation’, which was leaked a couple months ago, a dirty manipulated vocal affair.

My suggestion: Get this now for free from The Weeknd’s website and consider it an early Christmas present. It could be the best thing you get.



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