Le Voyage Dans La Lune commence 7 février

Air has released one great record. There is no denying which record this is. If you picked anything other than Moon Safari then you’d be wrong. Their other albums are not bad by any means, well maybe a couple are, but nothing can live up to the perfect space lounge sound of Moon Safari. Maybe that’s why I’m excited for their new album which comes out next week on February 7 (6th for you anywhere other than North America). It has the word ‘moon’ in the title and putting it in french makes it that much more appealing. I’ve been really drawn to french lately. Someone speak it to me and I’ll just melt.

The new album looks to be an extended soundtrack to the classic Georges Méliès french short film from 1902. If you pre-order the album you could get a deluxe version that includes a copy of a colourized version of the film. It’s classic french cinema mixed with what could possibly be Air’s next great album. Oh, I hope so.

I also have a new love for Air because of their url: http://en.aircheology.com/  Preorder the album from their site if you dare.

They’ve released two singles from the album so far, I’ve listened to them and can tell you that they do sound like Air but with more drums. I’m not going to listen to them again until I can hear the album as a whole so I can’t be more descriptive than that. On February 7th everyone dim the lights, have some wine and take a trip to the moon with Air, your favourite french band. (or maybe you prefer Phoenix?)

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