Why Didn’t You Save Me?

Why didn't you save me

It’s a line we have all asked at least once in our lives. Why didn’t you save me? It has so many possible occurrences. And unfortunately it is always a reactive question.

I have said it many times before, that sometimes you have to be in the right place to fully get a song or an artist. This is one of those artists for me. Nicolas Jaar has been around for a few years now. His full-length release from 2011 was highly regarded by many critics. I just couldn’t get into it then. There were big moments when I was brought in, but a few moments later it was gone. Nearly one year later, he releases a 2-track EP. I decide to give it a listen. Still nothing. Then one day it comes on in the car. And Bam. It hits me. It gets played over and over and over.

What has changed? Perceivably nothing? It was just the right moment. Life is full of the moments and instances that create reactions. A split second, and if you are lucky, more, where everything around you seems to click. These are the moments I live for. Music plays a huge part in so many of these instances. Maybe that is the main draw for me.

Both of the tracks on this EP start with a sort of foreplay. A long and seemingly subtle warm-up to the main attraction. “Why didn’t you save me” is what seems to be the B-Side of a 2 track EP. But, you could almost treat “Don’t break my love” as an extended session of foreplay to “Why didn’t you save me” (WDYSM). But that might be discounting the equal genius of that track. WDYSM starts off with a slow, barely there, static that generates into some organ hum, scattering electronics, and then cascades into a percussive frenzy beneath a filtered vocal sample. It eventually takes a darker tone when what sounds like a harpsichord chimes in. The layers build and separate all hinting at what is to come. Then a sombre piano piece fills in the space before being digitally shattered. And then it arrives. Everything combines into a perfect blend for just over a minute of dancey bliss to the sobering refrain of “Why didn’t you save me?” repeated for effect. And then is deconstructs and disappears. Leaving you alone with your thoughts. And the desire for more.

Of course, going back to his album, “Space is only noise”, I realize it was always there. I just wasn’t in the right mindset, or moment, for it.

You can hear both of the great tracks on this EP below, and in a generous move, you can also download it for free from his soundcloud site.



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