Happy Valentine’s Day

Hey, hey it’s Valentine’s Day. From us at Bolster your Holster to all of you out there we hope you have a great day no matter your facebook relationship status. Just don’t let it be the only day you tell someone you love them.

I’m unsure if I like Valentine’s Day. It has nothing to do whether I’m with someone or not, but the whole act of having a day where you HAVE to get something for someone else or HAVE to take them to dinner or HAVE to see them is disconcerting.

I’m all about the concept of Valentine’s though. Love is great, love is grand, love is hell, but it is always worth it, no matter how much joy or pain it eventually puts you through. Yes, the old adage is true: It is better to have love and lost then to have never loved before. So maybe I’m not feeling Valentine’s this year, but that doesn’t mean I can’t feel it any other day of the year. Probably the only place I could still get a restaurant reservation is at Dennys anyways.

So I’ve put together a Valentine’s mix for all of you out there. But due to some limitations with WordPress that is not going to happen today. Instead here are a couple tracks from the mix that either make you more in love or brighten up your day.

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