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New Site!!!

CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE NEW BOLSTERYOURHOLSTER.COM Hi Everyone. We would like to thank everyone for reading our little blog. This week we reached out 100,000th visit. Something that we never thought we would ever reach. So we thought … Continue reading

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I can feel the beat beat of your heart, and the sound is healing

My good friend Jesh de Rox just released his first EP this past weekend. We first heard some of these songs at a house concert that he and Amy Seeley performed at our place last winter. It was a very … Continue reading

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The naked man was singing, but he didn’t make a sound

We have been attending several festivals the last few years, and we love the experience and the music and the discovery. One of the festivals that we really want to get to is the Doe Bay Festival. Unfortunately this year … Continue reading

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The stars wash over me, so far away that I can barely breathe, from where I lay.

One of my favourite releases from 2008, that I discovered in January of 2009, was the debut album by the Portlandian band Blind Pilot. 3 rounds and a sound was the first album from one of the first of many … Continue reading

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It all started with a little rain and a line up.

As mentioned last year, my wife and I attended Iceland Airwaves in October as part of our honeymoon in Iceland. It is a fantastic festival that awards the opportunity to see loads of great bands and make lots of musical … Continue reading

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We get up early just to start cranking the generator – Part 3

It seems that this song is everywhere. It was just used in this great PSA for Malignant Melanoma. I recommend that you watch this little video and take care of yourself and your loved ones and then share it via … Continue reading

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You never even tried to love me… What did I have to do to make you want me?

Today Pitchfork Best New Music’d a new track from the Fantastic new Cass McCombs album “Wit’s End”. And as much as I enjoy that track, I can’t stop listening to the opener “County Line”. As with nearly all of Cass’ … Continue reading

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Screen falling off the door, door falling off the hinges, my feet are still sore… We lifted this house.

Ok, so I have been trying to not post this song for the past week now, but I have realized I have to. The reason I haven’t is because it is posted over at one of my favourite blogs “I … Continue reading

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I don’t know about my dreams anymore….

I don’t know about my dreaming anymore…. All that I know is that I am falling, falling, falling, falling, I might as well fall. The newest single from James Blake’s Fantastic forthcoming LP is Wilhelm’s Scream.  Today a video for … Continue reading

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The Ultimate pick you up!

So it was a great weekend and you are still exhausted and looking for that great pick me up.  After 3 cups of coffee or whatever choice beverage you use, you still just wanna pass out on your keyboard.  Well … Continue reading

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